Satellite Ground Systems

Solers is currently building innovative Enterprise Infrastructure for Satellite Ground Systems and operations centers. Soler is on the cutting edge when it comes to developing service-based ground enterprises for customer mission systems. Our solutions advance satellite ground enterprise capabilities by using a cloud computing infrastructure to create a mission independent environment capable of supporting multiple platforms, data types, and other ground resources. Using our state-of-the-art "utility computing as managed services" architecture and technologies, our customers have realized a substantial increase in resource efficiency, a reduction in space / power requirements, and reductions in acquisition as well as operations and maintenance costs.

Key Features:

  • Converged Satellite Ground Segments
  • Satellite Ground System Software and Integration
  • Space-Based Weather Data Product Distribution and Access
  • Secure Satellite Ground System Deployed in Cloud Computing Infrastructures
  • Satellite Data Ingest, Product Generation, Product Distribution and Access
  • Ultra High Performance Data Processing Framework