Users recognize the need for having the ability to access information and services whenever and wherever they are using the devices they already carry. Solers engineering services support Mobile Application Development across Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. We have leveraged our experience with Cloud Services, Enterprise Information Services, Cybersecurity, and Visualization and combined it with the mobile device by developing applications which provide the user a powerful, secure, and flexible mechanism to improve their productivity.

Key Features:

  • Hardware-backed Department of Defense (DoD) certificates on mobile devices
  • Email encryption and digital signatures
  • No data at rest solutions
  • Operation with NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) mobile platforms

Solers is also at the forefront of mobility research and development in the realm of hardware-backed derived credentials. We leverage technologies such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and ARM TrustZone integrated chips to provide hardware-based protections comparable to the DoD Common Access Card (CAC). For Windows mobile devices, we have piloted DoD certificates on Virtual Smart Cards, which provide anti-hammering, non-exportability, and isolation of cryptographic operations. We have also demonstrated the ability to use cryptographic evidence that guarantees a link between the user and device during issuance of the derived credential. Our solutions minimize the impact to users and enable them to use their mobile device as authentication for everyday tasks including:

  • Secure email
  • Windows Domain Login
  • Web-authentication
  • Wireless LAN Authentication
  • VPN access