Cloud-Based Ingest & Processing Framework (I&PF)

Based on Solers' extensive experience building data ingest, processing, and distribution frameworks designed to handle concurrent data-heavy satellite missions for our Government customers, Solers established an Internal Research and Development project to create a cloud-based Ingest and Processing Framework (I&PF). The cloud-based I&PF uses commercial cloud high performance computing environments and open source software to provide a cost effective, scalable solution that creates a powerful data analytics and product generation framework, where government and commercial partners can easily integrate and automate their data processing and analytics pipelines.

At GEOINT 2016, Solers showcased this capability along with our partner OmniEarth to demonstrate how satellite imagery and OmniEarth's water resource management algorithms could be quickly and easily integrated into Solers' framework. OmniEarth leverages satellite imagery combined with their water resource management algorithms to determine outdoor water budgets at the parcel level for drought-ridden communities in the U.S.