Data Visualization

Solers takes a holistic approach to Data Visualization. We believe in empowering the User with the tools to explore information, drill down to deeper levels, and gain new insights or better understand the information’s relationships. Through our use of data services and flexible architectures we remove the complexity and noise from the picture making the data usable and more relevant.

Whether you are looking to leverage widgets to enable mash-ups, seeking intelligence from analytics, or using a dashboard to provide awareness, Solers has the experience to make it happen. Solers specializes in extensible, high performance, high throughput, large data architectures and solutions. We incorporate disparate data from multiple locations into visualizations that provide the user with the ability to understand situations and make decisions faster. Our solutions span the range of platforms from clouds, to desktops, to mobile devices and provide the user with the ability and opportunity to compose the information into the user’s own experience.

We see the power of visualization is in providing users with the ability to interact, share, and collaborate with the data in a manner that best suits their need.  This enhances the effectiveness of visualization while improving communication and understanding with others. 

Key Features:

  • Composable UI Framework
  • Efficiently create custom/template workspaces
  • Manage and utilize multiple workspaces simultaneously
  • Search for and add UI applications on demand
  • User preferences for Workspace / App behavior
  • Cross-App Interaction
  • Built-in Security
  • Dynamically filter data to get what’s needed without being distracted by irrelevant data
  • Uniform Interface to Multiple Data Sources
  • Available SDK and coding samples to ease User and Developer On-boarding
  • Integration with Server-side Stream Renderer
    • Push multiple video streams simultaneously (each at 30 fps) to multiple clients
    • Pan/Zoom on video feeds
    • Overlay interactive events  on video feeds