DARPA Upward Falling Payloads (UFP) Proposers' Day

Monday, March 31, 2014

This registration is limited to U.S. contractors ONLY. Registration will require a DUNS number along with proper identification and completion of the U.S. Citizenship verification form. Please fill out the Citizenship Form and submit to DARPA-BAA-14-27@darpa.mil or via FAX to (703) 807-1732.

DARPA will host a Proposers' Day in support of the BAA 14-27, Upward Falling Payloads (UFP) Program Phase 2 and Phase 3 on March 31, 2014, at the DARPA Conference Center (Room 01-200) at DARPA in Arlington, VA (675 N. Randolph Street, Arlington Virginia, 22203) from 0900 to 1530. The purpose of this event is to provide information on the UFP effort; promote additional discussion on this topic; address questions from potential proposers; and provide a forum for potential proposers to network for possible teaming opportunities.

Program participants are limited to two per company so we can accommodate as many companies and ideas as possible. All attendees will be required to submit a US Citizenship Form in order to attend this conference. Non-US citizens will not be permitted to attend. The completed Citizenship Form must be emailed to DARPA-BAA-14-27@darpa.mil or faxed to: Julie Brandom, Solers Inc, FAX: (703) 807-1732, phone: (571) 218-4819, no later than 1200 EDT 24 March 2014. Participants who register but do not follow up with the completed Citizenship Form will be canceled from the event. Therefore, if you could not register because the program was full, please check back often, as the registration may re-open without notice when a cancelation occurs and will close again when capacity is met.

Registration for UFP Proposers' Day is now closed.


0830 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 0905 Admin / Security
0905 - 0920 Welcome, Opening Remarks / Introductions
0920 - 0935 DARPA Overview
0935 - 0955 UFP Phase 2 & Phase 3 Program Brief
0955 - 1015 UFP Missions & Considerations
1015 - 1045 Break
1045 - 1115 UFP Proposal Specifics: BAA Overview
1115 - 1135 UFP Proposal Specifics: Contracts Overview
1135 - 1145 UFP Proposal Specifics: Security Overview
1145 - 1155 Collect Questions
1155 - 1310 Lunch
1310 - 1410 Answer Questions
1410 - 1510 Classified Session
1510 - 1530 Closing Remarks


Please submit the completed form to DARPA-BAA-14-27@darpa.mil or via FAX to (703) 807-1732.

Citizenship Form


675 N. Randolph Street
Arlington Virginia, 22203